Inspiring Success

inspiring success woman arms outstretched

Inspiring Success Video Interviews

Real people, with inspiring success stories, talk about their mission, inspiration and the ups and downs along the way.

Every face on our screens, big or small, has a story behind them that few of us ever hear. Success is not defined by how much money we earn, what job we have, or how famous we have become. Success is about being ourselves and discovering that doing so isn’t just enough – it is inspiration personified.

In this ongoing series of video interviews, I talk to a wide variety of people who have been successful in some way. Business owners, campaigners, writers, musicians and academics are just a few of the personalities. They have kindly given me their time and are inspiring success in others.

Many of these people started with a mission, either intentionally or inherently. Mission is inseperable from being. You can’t truly have a mission unless, in someway and on some level, you are aware of who you are.

Missions sometimes end, and new ones begin as we evolve. So some of these stories describe the way things happen as a falling into place, and a coming together of themes of which the interviewee is unaware. So they are not all success stories in the traditional sense.

I hope that you continue to come back to these stories in future, and if you have a story to tell, let me know and we may talk!