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Inspiring Success Video Interviews

Real people, with inspiring success stories, talk about their mission, inspiration and the ups and downs along the way.

Every face on our screens, big or small, has a story behind them that few of us ever hear. Success is not defined by how much money we earn, what job we have, or how famous we have become. Success is about being ourselves and discovering that doing so isn’t just enough – it is inspiration personified.

In this ongoing series of video interviews, I talk to a wide variety of people who have been successful in some way. Business owners, campaigners, writers, musicians and academics are just a few of the personalities. They have kindly given me their time and are inspiring success in others.

Many of these people started with a mission, either intentionally or inherently. Mission is inseperable from being. You can’t truly have a mission unless, in someway and on some level, you are aware of who you are.

Missions sometimes end, and new ones begin as we evolve. So some of these stories describe the way things happen as a falling into place, and a coming together of themes of which the interviewee is unaware. So they are not all success stories in the traditional sense.

I hope that you continue to come back to these stories in future, and if you have a story to tell, let me know and we may talk!

  • How a loathing of plastic inspired innovation – Neil Tomlinson, Aquapax.

    In this video in the Inspiring Success series, I talk to Neil Tomlinson. He is the founder of the drinking water business – Aquapax, rs. Aquapax is the first drinking water company to distribute its product in paper cartons, rather than the ubiquitous plastic bottle. Neil’s story is very much a personal one. Neil cares for environmental issues, and particularly due to his experience of seeing beaches that were once pristine, now covered in ugly plastic waste.


  • Sue Palmer – ‘Play is the Way’

    When Sue Palmer attended a risque party in the 60s the seed of her mission to change children’s education in the United Kingdom was sown. Sue’s passion for learning, inspired by the writing of Sybil Marshall, has led her to be a successful author on education and childhood. Her commitment to a play-centred, Kindergarten style education for young children has become a full-blown campaign, particularly in Scotland.

    In this ‘Inspiring Success’ interview we learn about her mission. We get a better understanding of the background of the educational tradition in this country. It’s quite an eye-opener.


  • Interview with Lesley Thomson – Best selling crime writer

    In this latest episode of my ‘Inspiring Success’ video series, I talk to Lesley Thomson, best selling writer of the ‘Detective’s Daughter’ series. Lelsley’s new book ‘Distant Dead‘ was published on 13 May 2021. It is the 8th in the series. Naturally we spend some time talking about the book. We cover the challenges of doing research during lockdown and also some of the parallels between the 1940s and today.

    As always, we also discuss what motivates Lesley to write, her daily routines and how she overcomes procrastination.

    Lesley lives in Sussex and has published several stand-alone crime novels. Her books regularly appear in the best seller lists.

    Find out more about Lesley at

  • Sian Edwards, conductor, on women conductors, leadership and conducting during Covid

    I have published this interview on International Women’s Day 2021 because it has particular relevance to the theme of the event, which is #choosetochallenge.

    In our ‘Inspiring Success’ interview, Sian Edwards talks about the lack of women at the highest level of orchestral conducting and why that may be. She also tells of the work she and others are doing to redress the balance.

    In addition, Sian tells us how she achieved her own success and talks about her passions and pet projects, as well as talking about how to conduct an orchestra in a pandemic.

  • Parents who Lead – Alyssa Westring

    In this, the first ‘Inspiring Success’ video I interview Professor¬†Alyssa Westring, Vincent de Paul Associate Professor of Management and Entrpeneurship at DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business. We talk about how to create more successful lives as parents.

    Juggling work, home, well-being and community life can make life incredibly challenging – even more so during Covid-19. Alyssa’s book ‘Parents Who Lead’ gives a practical framework for creating greater synergy within our lives.  She talks about her focus on Values and the Four-Way view used in her work with families and she explains her research into the impact of Coronavirus.

  • Presenting with Personal Presence – Sarah Thurstan

    In this ‘Inspiring Success’ video interview, I talk to actress, performance coach and author, Sarah Thurstan. We discuss story-telling, authenticity and disclosure as the keys to effective presentation. Sarah shares a range of techniques and approaches to speaking out, whether on a platform, via video or within meetings. We also explore some of the changes that are being brought about by the current pandemic.

    Book - Personal Presence, By Sarah Thurstan

    Sarah Thurstan is author of ‘Personal Presence – How Speakers Authentically Engage”, published by Novaro Publishing.