Becoming a client

If you’ve never had NLP before, you must be wondering what you will be doing in the sessions.

On this page I take you through the process and give you an idea of what to expect.

Contacting your NLP or Hypnotherapist

Your initial phone call with me can be as long as 20 minutes or as short as 2. It may be helpful for you to give me a quick outline of the issue as you see it, or you may want to keep things very simple and straightforward at this stage and just book that initial face-to-face meeting.
You could also contact me by email. For some people this may be less daunting. In this case you could choose to complete the General-Client-Questionnaire. This will really kickstart the conversation your initial consultation.

Initial consultation

The purpose of this session is to get to know each other and to enable me to understand the issues you want to deal with. I will begin to get an idea of the kind of ‘interventions’ that will need to be done and the structure and purpose of the coaching.

Often there will need to be a combination of approaches – from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy interventions to specific coaching on an issue. We can briefly discuss these if you wish.
I may also give some indication of the likely number of sessions that you need, but this is often difficult to assess until we have explored things in a little more detail. Some issues can take as little as a single session, and some may take as many as six sessions to resolve. As you discover how empowering the changes we make can be, you may wish to take more sessions.

Some clients even choose to have a long-term coaching and therapeutic relationship through an annual coaching package.

Ongoing sessions

The subsequent sessions can take many formats, according to need. Usually we will spend some time discussing any specific problem and I will ask a lot of questions, some of which may be a little unusual. The questions are aimed at exploring how the problem presents itself and the reasons for it.
We will often then use a combination of techniques to loosen the problem or negate it. We will always discuss carefully the changes and whether they are ‘ecological’ – meaning that we will want to make sure they benefit you, your loved ones, society and the world in general. These are essential considerations.
Often the session may include some form of hypnotherapy. This is only ever done with your full agreement. It is a relaxing and pleasant experience, with very positive benefits and we will talk fully about what happens at the session.