Where else to get help

It is incredible the changes you can make even quite quickly once you have made the decision to change. I am always happy to have that initial conversation with you to help you decide what is best for you.

It is important to remember too that some conditions and mental health issues need to be brought to the attention of your GP. I will always refer clients back to their doctor where necessary before doing any work.

In addition there are many external agencies and resources that are there to help you. Many of them are free. On this page I have put together a list of some of these. The list is not exhaustive and may not always be up to date so please remember that you can always get more information from a doctor or other health professional.

Health and Mental Health

Alternative and Complimentary Health

Support Groups

Our group is full of people that are changing their lives by quitting smoking so i think it may be something your websites visitors may enjoy!)