Sue Palmer – ‘Play is the Way’

When Sue Palmer attended a risque party in the 60s the seed of her mission to change children’s education in the United Kingdom was sown. Sue’s passion for learning, inspired by the writing of Sybil Marshall, has led her to be a successful author on education and childhood. Her commitment to a play-centred, Kindergarten style education for young children has become a full-blown campaign, particularly in Scotland.

In this ‘Inspiring Success’ interview we learn about her mission. We get a better understanding of the background of the educational tradition in this country. It’s quite an eye-opener.

I am ex-teacher myself and a strong critic of the excessive pressure put on children to ‘succeed’ in traditional education. I was excited to hear about what gave Sue her passion and purpose and learn more about the campaign.

Sue Palmer is author of a number of books on education, including:

Upstart: The case for raising the school starting age and providing what the under-sevens really need,

21st Century Girls: How the Modern World is Damaging Our Daughters and What We Can Do About It

‘Toxic Childhood: How The Modern World Is Damaging Our Children And What We Can Do About It’

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