That fleeting moment when you’ve made it – Hereward Kaye on making it.

Hereward Kaye

Many people see success as a goal that you strive for, and then achieve. You tick the success box and you’re made for life. Of course life is a journey. There are many successes along the way – some of them daily. And when you really hit the big time, you still can’t know that it will continue forever.

Many of the most ‘successful’ people in the world struggle with confidence and self-belief for this very reason.

In the third part of my interview with Hereward Kaye, composer and writer, he shares with us one of his most successful moments – the premier of his West End Musical, Moby Dick.

To have a musical that you have co-written performed at the West End and produced by Cameron Mackintosh is unquestionably a successful moment for which many hanker.

So enjoy Hereward’s story and pay attention to the message that comes with it – that success is fleeting and a thing constantly to be pursued.

Hereward Kaye is a writer and musician. He is a former member of The Flying Pickets and lead singer for Rick Wakeman, He composed Cameron Mackintosh’s West End musical, Moby Dick and is the founder of Rok Skool in Haywards Heath.

If Hereward’s story has piqued your interest then why not get involved in his crowdfunding project to publish the full lockdown memoir – ‘The Ship Hits the Fans’, which gives the full inside story of the Moby Dick musical, along with stories of his time working with Rick Wakeman, the Flying Pickets and many others.

Hereward’s campaign, which offers incentives of first editions and invites to the book launch, can be accessed on his crowdfunding page.

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