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video coaching

Online coaching can be an excellent option if you want to make big changes to your life. It is natural to assume that, in order to work therapeutically, or get some life coaching, we need to work together at a single location, face to face.

Working with a coach or therapist via video link however, can have some distinct advantages for both client and coach. In fact there is some reason to believe that talking to a coach via Skype, Zoom or similar video software, can actually make the client/coach relationship more effective.

6 reasons to choose online coaching and therapy


If you have limited mobility, then clearly it could be a lot easier for you to communicate via video from your own home rather have to get out. In addition, some of my clients experience high levels of anxiety, or even agoraphobia, which makes going out challenging for them.

Sometimes also, those with hearing loss, or with visual impairment may benefit from specialist software or equipment that works in tandem with Skype, Zoom or other video software.


With the rate of climate change there is a compelling need to minimise our impact on the environment. Driving to and from an appointment naturally has a higher impact on the environment than staying at home. I always schedule my online coaching clients to make the most of the location in which I work. If possible I will work from my office at my home, or if I am already at my therapy centre I will remain there when working with coaching clients on Zoom or Skype.


Wherever I work with clients, I always take the client’s privacy extremely seriously. I do not discuss patients with others. I retain all notes securely and anonymously. Having said that, for clients who have concerns over others knowing about our sessions, online coaching can make things easier. Those of my clients who are in the public eye sometimes prefer this.

It may also be that you want to keep your work with me private from loved ones. If we work together online you can be anywhere. You could Skype me from home or use Zoom at an office or a hotel room.


Many clients work in the daytime and so have to come out to see me in the evening after work. For those who feel vulnerable after dark, it can be simpler and feel safer, to work with me online. I would generally encourage clients to push their boundaries and go outside their comfort zones but at the same time it is sensible to have a common sense approach.

At the time of putting this page together, the Coronavirus strain COVID-19 has just been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). As well as obeying the usual hygiene rules, it seems sensible to minimise our physical interactions with others. This is a time when, even if you are normally much happier working face to face, it may be more prudent to use video coaching and therapy.


Many of my clients live in the local area. They can hop in a car, ride a bike or even just walk over to my therapy room. On the other hand, I have clients who may be many miles away. It may be fine for these clients to come and see me for a one-day breakthrough session. It may also be pleasant for such clients to join a retreat. However, for a 50 to 120 minute appointment, such distances don’t really work.

By working with me via video or phone clients can contact me from anywhere in the world. Even if you are just on holiday but need some support with something you can contact me in this way.


When you are initially looking for a coach or therapist to help you, there are many factors that can affect your choice. Having to settle on a local coach can potentially limit the kind of help you can get. If there are no local NLP coaches, for example, that you feel will be able to work with you, you are not going to get the service you want. Timeline Therapy, a key technique that can be very powerful in both a coaching and therapy setting, may not be available near you.

By acknowledging the possibility of online coaching you can broaden the field of potential practitioners almost without limit. You can choose who you work with based solely on their expertise, their experience and their overall appeal.

How do I get started.

If you would like to arrange an online session with me and are not familiar with the technology or software, I am happy to talk you through setting this up. For video online services you will need a fast broadband or mobile wifi connection. There are a number of suitable software packages out there, and I am flexible about which I use. I currently favour Zoom or Skype, but if you prefer something else just let me know.

You can call me, or send me a message on email. You can also use the button on this site to set up a callback from me.