How a loathing of plastic inspired innovation – Neil Tomlinson, Aquapax.

In this video in the Inspiring Success series, I talk to Neil Tomlinson. He is the founder of the drinking water business – Aquapax, rs. Aquapax is the first drinking water company to distribute its product in paper cartons, rather than the ubiquitous plastic bottle. Neil’s story is very much a personal one. Neil cares for environmental issues, and particularly due to his experience of seeing beaches that were once pristine, now covered in ugly plastic waste.

Neil’s story is an inspiring one. It is the story of someone who, became successful by following their passion, for themselves, their family and for the world.

The secret of happiness and success is often to find what you are passionate about and make that what you do as your career. It is not an easy path, as Neil demontrates, but it is a immensely rewarding one. There are now many other brands of water that are packaged in paper cartons. But Neil will always have the comfort of knowing that his was the first.

Neil continues to push for improvement in what he does. He is constantly improving the environmental impact as well as the quality of the product itself, and its contribution to society. The sale of every carton of Aquapax water contributes to their reforestation project.

Robert Sanders is a therapist and life coach, supporting people in their present and helping them create their future.