What are you aware of?

As we go through life, stuff just happens. It can feel like we are being carried on a wave and there just isn’t time to properly focus on what is happening and what we are feeling. But moods and states change constantly through the day as we all know.

Even the most depressed people have moments of feeling calmer and more positive. Even the most anxious people can forget to worry in a particular moment.  The best state of all can often be the one we haven’t even noticed. That state of being in ‘The Zone’, so focused that you have forgotten where you are, all sounds become a background buzz and your attention is solely on the task in hand.

Because of this I sometimes ask my clients to do this little exercise between sessions. It can be a good way to get some awareness of exactly what is going on in your life. Sometimes clients have found it surprising how often they can still feel good, when they feel bad.

So here it is:

An exercise in awareness.

While you are going about your life, STOP from time to time and get some awareness. Maybe you can set an alarm on your phone at random intervals to remind you.

  • Notice when you are most focused
  • Notice when you are enjoying yourself
  • Notice when you have lost track of time
  • Notice when you are angry,sad,fearful, hurt, guilty, depressed or anxious
  • Notice when you are happy
  • Notice when you are just neutral.

Note down this state.

In each of these times, if at all possible, also note down your thoughts:

  • What are you doing?
    • What about it is important to you
  • What are you thinking?
    • What about it makes you feel that way?
    • What would be a a slightly better thought that you could choose to have instead?
  • What can you be grateful for?

Naturally, in order to achieve this it would be good to have a notebook, journal, or memo-type app handy to record your thoughts.

Alternatively, you can download my free, photocopiable worksheet.

Robert Sanders is a therapist and life coach, supporting people in their present and helping them create their future.

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