Pre-booked block of 6 sessions – 50 minutes each

£450.00 £400.00


In my extensive experience with clients, six sessions is the ‘magic’ number of sessions to enable a real shift.

These sessions are flexible and tailored to your peronsal situation and need. They can be coaching sessions, therapy sessions or a combination of the two. Unlike my Ultimate Coaching Packages, the sessions are often taken over a relatively short period of time. Usually every two weeks, sometimes weekly if there is an urgent need.

This is a great package if:

  • you are trying to get a sense of purpose in your life
  • you are dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression or confidence
  • you want to make changes to your life and your attitude to it.

It’s also an option for overcoming things such as phobia or addiction to alcohol/stop smoking, but there may be other alternatives that would suit you better.

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