The Ultimate Coaching and Therapy Package

Having the Ultimate Coaching Package ensures that somebody is always there for you. Sometimes it can feel so good to be aware that whatever is going on in your life, there is one person you can always talk to who can be completely on your side:

  • Through good times and bad;
  • Someone to listen;
  • One reliable person to hold your hand in difficult times;
  • Someone who knows how you tick;
  • Somebody with the tools and techniques you need to make changes and move forward;
  • Someone to give you a push when you need it;
  • Somebody to remind you why you are here.

For you, I have created two Annual Ultimate Coaching packages that provide ongoing, consistent support. The sessions are delivered face-to-face or via Skype. They are longer and even more in-depth than my standard coaching sessions. Where necessary they can be backed up by email and (in the case of the Gold package) telephone support.

You can book these packages in advance through this website or just contact me by phone to set up a monthly payment package.

Because of the nature of the Ultimate Client Support Packages I only offer a limited number. Providing this service is a considerable use of my resources, and there is just one of me!  If there are no packages available right now then do come back from time to time and check, or purchase individual sessions or 6 session blocks in the mean-time until I have availability again.

  • Ultimate Coaching and Therapy package – Gold



    Premium one-year package. Designed for clients who are seeking to have ongoing coaching and intervention work on a regular basis, this is the top-level tailored experience, delivered over a whole year.

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