Feel Great and Lose Weight Hypnotherapy Package


Why ‘lose weight hypnotherapy’?

There are many approaches for you to lose weight. Thousands of pills, shakes and ready meals have been put on the market over the years. They promise to help you control your eating, manage your calorie intake or suppress your appetite.

Added to these are the myriad of diet approaches. Some of them are highly scientific and have a wealth of evidence to support them, and some are faddy and created as a gimmick.

Most of them work!

Some of the time.

For some people.

For a while.

Lose weight in the long term.

The thing is that any kind of shift in behaviour, lifestyle and eating habits can have a positive effect on your body weight if you choose to let it. Over a short period, you can maintain the commitment and self-belief to achieve it.

Sadly though, many people find that after a temporary success, they slide back and return to their original weight or even worse.

The thing is, our bodies and our minds usually know very well how to maintain a healthy weight, but we are held back. Our beliefs about ourselves, our self-respect, our confidence, our anxieties and our worries, all conspire against us.

With my nlp/hypnotherapy weight-loss program I can support you in almost any diet you choose, or even no diet at all! I focus on your mind first, and your body second, so that you can feel good all the time, even right now. You can feel good about how you look, your weight, your shape, your size. At the same time you can be motivated to change the things that will make you healthier and fitter.

What do we do in the sessions?

My 8 week, ‘Feel great, lose weight’ program combines neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and coaching techniques to:

  • feel better about the way you look;
  • stop compulsive eating;
  • manage stress and emotional eating;
  • encourage sensible and healthy food choices;
  • change your relationship with food;
  • encourage and enable exercise;
  • transition from diet to healthy everyday eating.

I tailor the package to you, taking account of your own personal situation, background and the bugbears that you may be aware of that are holding you back.

I deliver your sessions over a period of time that is flexible, according to your need and your own achievement. Often we have a target to achieve during the process, but this is something we would discuss in the first session.

Each session is an hour long and will typically include a hypnotic intervention, but this depends again on your individual situation.