Cats know a thing or two about NLP

I have a passion for NLP, hypnotherapy and timeline therapy. I do not have a passion for cats.
They know this.
Cats have an ability to calm, to give perspective, to make a sometimes spiritual relationship with their owners – when they’re not vomiting over the bed or dragging a half-dead and bloody rodent around the kitchen.
I have two cats – (Yes… I know… why?) and when there is a need to use my home with clients, I am always careful to remove them to a place where they can’t bring their influence to bear on the proceedings. They seem to strongly disapprove of hypnotherapy. I suspect that this is because they know something far more effective than that – some sort of distant mind-control, and don’t want me stealing their thunder. In the early days my innocence assumed that the cats would merely give character and personality to the sessions. Maybe even, a cat-loving client might feel happier to share with little ‘Damian’ the ginger tom, purring in his or her lap.
But I soon learned the disruptive power of a ‘meow’. It’s great as a one-off break in state, but I can’t think of another use for it.
Even out of the immediate vicinity isn’t enough. Just as a client is reaching the early stages of trance there would be that insidious scritching at the door as little ‘mephistopheles’ decides purely coincidentally that he wants ‘in’.
So on those home sessions, I’m sorry little ‘ripper’, but you need to be found a soft, safe environment, somewhere out of earshot, out of sight, and possibly with lead-lined 6 metre thick concrete walls.

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Robert Sanders is a therapist and life coach, supporting people in their present and helping them create their future.

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