Your body

Your body

Your body is serving you in so many ways.  Having a comfortable relationship with your body is essential to your wellbeing. It can be easy to focus on what you see as it’s flaws without noticing the valuable functions it performs for you daily.

I am passionate about body confidence. You can be comfortable about who you are and still focus on the parts of you that you would like to change. For example, man people are uncomfortable about their ‘weight’. In fact this usually means their body shape, rather than the number of pounds on the scale. Too large, too thin, the wrong shape these are typical concerns.

Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and Coaching skills I help clients feel better about themselves and be more effective in their approach to changing the things that are not good for their health and wellbeing.

Sometimes too, our bodies behave in unpredictable ways. We may suffer incontinence, develop nervous tics and other behaviours and we may experience blushing or involuntary reactions that are generated by the unconscious mind. I can often help you improve these issues.

It is essential that with any physical condition you first check with your doctor that there is no underlying condition.

The articles below explore issues such as weight-loss, smoking and physical well-being.