Mr. I. D. , Uckfield

I am 41, a father, husband, sports coach and executive.

Life seemed to be sucking me dry, demanding continuing amounts of my time and energies – seemingly with decreasing amounts of value and return, and with increased levels of distrust, arguments and stress.

Why – I knew not.

People said I was successful and strong, confident and a role model. But inside I felt lost and poor, drained: quite the opposite. Dealing with the mental swings of stress, no time and life’s day to day problems and pressures was getting too much. Indeed I felt stretched, unable to cope, unable to stop the pressures. I failed to be able to look further than me, I failed to appreciate the detrimental effect it was having on my relationships and family.

Robert was introduced to me as a life and NLP coach that might be able to refocus my values and help me regain some stability. Over a six week tailored program he helped me do so much more.

We were able to re-evaluate what is really important to me and where I draw my strength. We were able to assess, face and change my perceptions of what I feared, what felt wrong, why I was so angry and stressed, and why I felt I could not cope.

I am now understanding that (for me) to be in true balance, I must be quiet and allow my inner-self to guide and deal with life – not simply react. Robert has shown me how to create time and space in my consciousness. To use my precious energy and time only in the areas where I get most return, and to stop pumping energy in areas that give us least amounts of time. Robert has equipped me with tools to appreciate others views, not worry about perceptions, to take control and listen to the inner wisdom that exists in all of us. Robert has enabled me to reconnect to who I really am, and helped me shed all of my unwanted reactions, baggage and impressions.

Now the world seems colourful, light, full of energy and opportunistic. By refocusing my attentions into what matters to me, I realise it is easy to be happy in all that you do and experience.

People say I have changed. I have just become who I always was, without the burdens and pressures, that I chose to hold on to.

Oh how my relationships have improved, I feel in balance, I enjoy my family, I feel loved and appreciated, fulfilled but most of all capable and content.

I shall continue to see Robert regularly – as I now see how important it is to look after your spirit / ego and inner-self. It is good to look in the mirror and like what I see. Without Robert’s guidance I wonder what patterns would have been repeated and where my life would have disappeared to?

Mr. I. D. , UckfieldUckfield, East Sussex
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Robert Sanders is a therapist and life coach, supporting people in their present and helping them create their future.