L.K. Haywards Heath

I decided to take some time out & go to a few places in Europe. It was one of the things I’ve always wanted to do but thought I needed a partner to do it with…..
I have definitely gone back to not worrying about being with someone or overthinking the future. I’m more open to taking each day as it comes & not putting pressure on myself.
My confidence has also gone up & although I still get a bit embarrassed if I get compliments, I don’t feel really awkward like I used to or think they are just being kind as they pity me. I get more of a rush of adrenaline now & stand a bit taller.
I am also not worrying so much about my weight. I have lost weight slowly & had some compliments, however it’s not been done through focus or dieting & I’m not calorie counting anymore. I do have chocolate & bread occasionally but with the chocolate I don’t feel like I can’t stop eating it once I start anymore & the bread, although nice, doesn’t seem to have the same appeal. I don’t ‘crave’ it anymore & it actually bloats me out, so I barely have it compared with the past.
L.K. Haywards Heath
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