G.D. – Crawley

Well what can I say, with your wonderful coaching I am on a wonderful journey and feel great and optimistic. I have completed a level one Reiki course and am waiting for level two to in October and then I can practice.
 My vibrational soul is beginning to flourish and I am living with more joy in my life as I was able to cleanse and remove further blockages which were holding  me back! I still have my dream and am working on making it happen, it will take time but not too much I sense, not many years anyway haha.
The only thing which is unclear is what to do in the meantime work wise as in I know it will be holistic but when and where are unclear so I am seeing it as that there is still some work to do on my cleansing process,  I sense it is more in relevance to working on my self and living as a vibrational being and it will all fall into place at the right time.
Work no longer affects me as it did and we actually have a laugh at times, the relationship dynamics have changed and it is more pleasant, but still boring and not where I will stay but no longer unbearable!
A home move will happen soon and my relationship with [Name confidential] is in harmony.
I feel big changes ahead and can even see changes in my children, I feel more relaxed, energised and purposeful, mostly I feel an abundance of love around me and for myself. I feel I am destined for big things because I no longer choose to be small and hide or resist my natural gifts!
G.D. - Crawley
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