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Here is your free Power Nap hypnosis download. It’s in mp3 format so it should work with pretty much all players, including ipods and smartphones. Just click the file to play it direct from the site or on your PC you can right click and save it to your computer. It’s a great way to relax and have that essential boost of sleep during the day and at the same time it’s an opportunity to get a sense of what happens under hypnosis and in self-hypnosis.

Listening to this power nap hypnosis download

An article in VOLUME 28, ISSUE 07 of the Journal Sleep Recuperative Power of a Short Daytime Nap With or Without Stage 2 Sleep” by Mitsuo Hayashi, PhD; Naoko Motoyoshi, BA; Tadao Hori, PhD; suggests that sleeping for short periods later in the day can have health and well-being benefits, relieving stress and improving concentration.

This relaxing recording can help you sleep more easily during the day.  You can listen to it on a train journey, in a quiet cafe, in a staff room or on a bench at the park. Just set an alarm on your phone to be sure you wake up, although many listeners find that they awaken naturally at the end of the recording.

The induction is designed to give you about 20 minutes of relaxation and is a taster of what can be achieved through hypnosis. Remember to only listen to self-hypnosis recordings when you are in a safe place where you do not need your full attention. Never listen while driving.

For many people this is all you need to relax deeply and sleep for a brief period, awakening refreshed for the remainder of the day. For others the experience is relaxing and revitalising and will grow deeper with each subsequent use.

If you find the experience a pleasant and rewarding one, and if sleep is difficult for you sometimes, look out for my full-length sleep hypnosis download, coming soon.

If you are interested in other hypnosis recordings please do add a comment to this page and I will consider it among the planned program of recordings.

Here is your download:

Power Nap Hypnosis (18:44)

(Click to listen now, right click to save on a PC)

Thank you for listening.

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