Ultimate Coaching and Therapy package – Gold


Premium one-year package. Designed for clients who are seeking to have ongoing coaching and intervention work on a regular basis, this is the top-level tailored experience, delivered over a whole year.

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The Ultimate Client Support Package Gold enables you to focus on your goals on an ongoing basis alongside an experienced coach. The package is suitable for you whether you are seeking personal change or professional success, or both.

I launched this ultimate coaching package because I found that sometimes my clients want to see  me on a regular, long-term basis. Many coaching and therapy clients want the security of knowing that they can work on any issues that come up.

What does the Ultimate Coaching and Therapy Package – Gold give you?

  • you are free to talk about any topic in a confidential and supportive environment
  • 28 regular sessions delivered flexibly by Skype or face-to-face over a 1 year period
  • clients can bank up to 2 sessions
  • we can work on any issue
  • I include all the therapeutic and coaching interventions you need
  • I can support you further by email if necessary
  • We can have additional conversations by phone if necessary.

After working with clients in this way for some time I have found that it is often helpful to have more frequent sessions in the first part of the coaching relationship. I have therefore added in the flexibility to have an addition two sessions per year that can be taken at any time. They can be used at the start, when coaching and therapeutic work may be more pressing, or simply accessed at any time in the future when you need a boost or something critical comes up.

Ultimate Package Payment options

You have the option to pay for the ultimate coaching package via a one-off payment, or it is also available via a monthly payment plan, payable by direct debit.

In both cases, your minimum period of coaching and therapy is 12 months.