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Robert Sanders - my daily routine

Having a daily routine can be a really important part of making the best of life. Everything that you do as habit or routine is one less task your brain needs to do consciously. Steve Jobs was said to have a wardrobe full of identical suits so that he didn’t have to make a decision every day about what to wear.

If you do have a routine, it can be a good exercise to write it down and unpick it a bit. Challenge the ‘stuff’ you don’t need to do, and find ways to make the banal and routine more enriching.

6.00 I get up and have a good breakfast. Sometimes just cereals and toast, but I find it easy to cook up a few poached eggs – just pop the bread in the toaster and the eggs in the boiling water and their done about the same time.

6.00 I spend some of my day working with kids at a breakfast club nearby. It is a matter of hopping on my bicycle and I’m there in three minutes. All of the work I do is local or home based.

9.00 I’m at home and after a brief chat to Liz, my wife over a coffee if we have time, I will usually go for a run. I try to run at least 5k when I can and I have a range of methods to motivate myself. These runs are mostly in woodland and across fields. I’ll often listen to a recording from a running coach, or simply put on some music while I am moving. At other times I’ll focus on the sounds around me and enjoy the natural world.

9.30/9.45 Depending on client appointments (see below) I get out in the garden with my laptop if the weather is fine. It’s a time to connect my body with the world around me. I’ll enjoy the sun and the breeze on my skin. I’ll listen to the birds or put on some classical music or something modern and instrumental and I’ll have a coffee by my side. If my little pug x jack russell is a good boy he gets to sit in the garden with me.

Mostly I’ll spend this time reviewing client notes, preparing sessions and writing. I write blogs like this one for my website, and I also write articles for various magazines and websites. Sometimes I’ll work on a book.

10.00-13.00 My daily routine usually includes client session, online or face to face, and this is a popular time. I’ll normally work with no more than three clients in any day. If I don’t see clients for part of this time I’ll get on with some more writing, or some marketing work for my business. I find marketing a challenge, because I know that ‘in your face’ marketing is a nuisance for people. I’ll try to do something that adds value, or share some knowledge or an empowering idea.

13.00- 14.00 I’ll make myself a light lunch at this time and switch off the computer. I know the importance of downtime – though I rarely do nothing at all. I might read a book, listen to an audio, or even play a computer game!

14.00 It’s time to take my dog for his afternoon walk. He will have one already with Liz in the morning, but he needs plenty of exercise. We are so lucky to have a beautiful nature reserve on our doorstep. HE will enjoy the smells, meet other dogs and probably eat things he shouldn’t.

14.40 As well as the breakfast club I am a Senior Activity leader in an afterschool club, leading Art, Sports Activities and games.

18.30 Liz cooks us a delicious meal. She’s had an extremely busy day too, but there is always something amazing on the table. Thank you.

19.00 – 20.00 Many clients can only see me in the evenings, so this time is often busy with further sessions. I’m a little more flexible on Fridays but I try to make the most of this period for my clients.

20.00 – 22.30 This is quality time for my family. I rarely do any work at this time. I have a 9 year old daughter, and we might play a game as a family. I’ll help her with her piano pratice and often do her bedtime story. Then my wife and I will chat or watch television, read a book, or do some crafts before bed.

Do you tend to have a daily routine? Or do you find things vary a great deal. What works for you?

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Robert Sanders is a therapist and life coach, supporting people in their present and helping them create their future.