Confidence and Self-Esteem Mastermind Course


An 8 week course to help improve your confidence and self-esteem in any context. This online course will begin Thursday 21 September. Lots more information below.

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Do you find certain situations difficult because of a lack of confidence and self-esteem?

Maybe you struggle to assert yourself in meetings, or interactions with your colleagues?

Or do you find yourself always on the back foot with the people who are close to you, giving in to their needs and putting yours on hold?

The thing about confidence is that it is contextual. There are probably many situations where you are perfectly confident and don’t even notice it. Like when you are chatting with a close friend over coffee, or when you are doing a task you enjoy doing. The trick is to be able to transfer that natural confidence into other situations in your life.

Confidence ties in to self-esteem too. The two are linked, and while you can create the appearance of confidence without improving your self-esteem, the best thing would be to work on both these things.

This popular 8–week course is an opportunity to improve your confidence and self-esteem by learning alongside a small group of like-minded people.

The course takes place online and will be an opportunity to learn about the underlying aspects of confidence and self-esteem. You will learn techniques and skills that can help you improve your confidence in your personal life and your career.

What is confidence?

Confidence is knowing that you have the skills and abilities you need. It is about accepting yourself and being in control of your life.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is valuing yourself, feeling good about yourself, and feeling that you and your opinions matter.

Why do they matter?

Together, confidence and self-esteem are two aspects of your personality that can have a huge effect on your life:

  • Your relationships

People who value themselves and are confident in who they are, tend to experience more positive relationships. A confident person is someone who is secure in what they believe and able to act with integrity. Confidence is never about being brash and boorish – that is over-confidence, or arrogance. Truly confident relationships are based on mutual respect and clear boundaries.

  • Your social life

It can be hard to meet new people, make friends and have a fulfilling social life. As human beings, acceptance is a natural need that can sometimes make it difficult to be ourselves. There can be an essential feeling of being somehow different, or the odd-one out. You may feel that you are not interesting, or fun and that lack of confidence in yourself can lead to awkwardness and shyness.

  • Your career

Many people feel that sense of being an imposter in their professional or work role. It can feel like everybody else knows exactly what they are doing and you are the only one that is furiously paddling under the surface while trying to look serene and unfazed. If you have this feeling about yourself then the idea of progressing and moving forward further may feel impossible, and our expectations tend to be fulfilled and validated. If you can change the way you feel about your achievements and possibilities you can move forward or at least feel more secure in your working environment.

Confidence training and practice

‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right’ as Henry Ford once said. Knowing your potential, believing in yourself and taking committed action are the things that make a difference between success and failure in any aspect of your life.

Imagine how different things could be, if you know that you are good enough. Imagine what it would feel like, if you could be yourself and feel less afraid of the judgement of others.

This is what this training is all about. You will get an opportunity not just to learn how to make improvements in the way you see yourself, but to share experiences and practice techniques with others.

Will all my problems be solved?

Confidence and Self-esteem are on a continuum. You can always improve them more. So don’t expect everything to be perfect after you complete this course. The aim of this programme is to take you further forward than you have ever been and recognise that you can change.
More than anything, you will have a greater understanding of yourself and what makes you do the things you do. You will have a range of tools, actions and habits that you can consistently use to move yourself forward on the continuum towards greater confidence and self-esteem.

What happens on the confidence course?

This course is part training, part mastermind, part workshop.
You will:

  • Meet and interact with others who have similar core issues.
  • Explore your personal history;
  • Learn new habits and how to maintain them;
  • Use techniques from Coaching, NLP, CBT and other methodologies;
  • Receive the support and advice of an expert who is also on this continuum with you.

The course is structured around 6 key themes, each designed to build upon the last, guiding you on a comprehensive journey towards greater self-confidence:

  1. **Introduction**: This session sets the stage, preparing you for the transformative journey ahead.
  2. **Open to Experience**: We explore mindset adjustments, handling negative emotions, and the art of being present, enhancing your ability to engage with life more fully.
  3. **Living Existentially**: Discover what it means to live authentically, allowing your true self to guide your decisions and actions.
  4. **Self Awareness**: We delve into beliefs, self-talk, and habits, providing tools for introspection and self-understanding.
  5. **Creative Expression**: Learn the power of visualization as a tool for achieving your goals and manifesting your desires.
  6. **Fulfilment and Peace**: We conclude with how to find personal fulfillment and inner peace, the ultimate expressions of self-confidence.

Confidence Course Sign-up Information

Course Fee: £700 for the 8 sessions. There is an Early Bird offer of £450 for a limited time only.

Number of attendees is limited to 8 persons  (over 18s only for this series).

Session Length: 90 minutes

Location: Online (for live courses, please enquire)

Please contact Robert Sanders if you require more information.

Phone: 07877074053