Hypnotic Gastric Band

No waiting list, no scalpel gastric band

You can have all the benefits of weight-loss surgery now with the hypnotic gastric band process.

  • no painful surgery
  • no convalescent period
  • completely reversible and adjustable
  • very affordable

Have you struggled with your feelings about your own body for a long time?  Have you tried so many diets but you just keep sliding back to where you were?

I work with you to change your beliefs about food and your ability to live a healthy, rewarding life.

In a single session we really get to grips with where you want to be.  The process includes hypnotherapy to install a ‘virtual gastric band’.  This painlessly and easily enables you to manage your food intake without the serious impact of major surgery.

Imagine how good it will feel to live your life to the full, learning to enjoy food and live a healthy life.

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