Workshop – Exam Confidence techniques 19 May 2022


Exam confidence Workshop 2022


Cafe Rouge, Haywards Heath 7-9 pm, 19 May 2020

In order to do the best you can in your exams, you need to be focused, confident and relaxed.
In this 90 minute session is aimed at students, GCSE and above, and their parents.  In it, Robert Sanders, author of ‘The Anxiety habits Journal’, will teach you some specific, practical, confidence and relaxation techniques to help manage exam nerves so that you can feel better before and during your exams. 
This includes:
  • Get yourself in flow, quickly and easily
  • Putting ‘failures’ behind you
  • ‘Switching on’ confidence and motivation at will
  • Learning to trust your memory

As a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and life coaching, I can help you achieve the best, most positive state for your exams.

Imagine how much easier it will be to give your best in the exam situation if you can harness your mind’s power to improve your chances of success.


It is expected that students are accompanied by a parent or other adult who can support them in using the techniques at home.
Please note that numbers are strictly limited to 12 attendees. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. The price is for two attendees.
Please purchase one ticket for 2 attendees. I recommend that a parent attend alongside the student to gain the maximum benefit from the session.