The Ultimate Coaching and Therapy Package

Sometimes it can just be good to know that somebody is there for you. To be aware that whatever is going on in your life, through good times and bad, there is one person you can always talk to who can be completely on your side:

  • Someone to listen;
  • Someone to hold your hand in difficult times;
  • Someone who knows how you tick;
  • Someone with the tools and techniques you need to make changes and move forward;
  • Someone to push you when you need it;
  • Someone to remind you why you are here.

For people like you, I have created two Annual Coaching package that provide ongoing, consistent support. The sessions are longer and more in-depth and are backed up where necessary by email and (in the case of the Gold package) telephone support.

You can book these packages in advance through this website or contact me by phone to set up a payment package.