How much can I expect to pay?

Some of the processes I use, such as NLP and hypnotherapy, can have very fast results when dealing with issues such as phobias, traumatic memories, habit changes and more straightforward issues. Often these can be dealt with in just one to three 50 minute sessions.  It is only by exploring your specific circumstances that we can get idea of what will help in your circumstances.

Issues that are more complex, or when you have a variety of needs to address, can take longer.  I have found that in these cases there may be significant changes right away, and it may take perhaps 6 sessions to reach a point where you can say you have really dealt with things. In the end it is often up to you, at the unconscious level, when you want to change.

Clients who come to me for coaching sometimes want an intensive 1- 3 day breakthrough course to really identify and move forward on some key areas of their lives.  Alternatively it may be easier to book a block of 6 sessions to make changes and assess progress over a reasonable period.

In some sense a life coach is there for ‘life’.  It can be good to have that person constantly rooting for you and helping you keep on track. If you are really serious about maintaining focus and getting to grips with your life goals over an extended period then you should consider a monthly or annual ongoing commitment.  This is also the most economical.

  • Annual Packages – see further details
  • Individual Sessions: £70 per 50 minutes;
  • Breakthrough sessions: £450 per day.
  • 6 sessions booking: £400;
  • Stop Smoking package £280
  • Weightloss intensive hypnotherapy session – £450 (includes Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis if agreed to be appropriate)
    This is a one day programme that looks at all the reasons why you are holding on to the extra weight and helps you deal with these issues, culminating in a session to install an hypnotic gastric band that safely helps you limit your consumption. The band can be adjusted or removed at any time.

Payment is by Credit Card (a transaction fee will be added), cash, cheque, bacs payment or direct debit.

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